Reading List 2017

Last year I read 26 books. Not bad considering I also had a baby near halloween and didn’t read the last quarter of the year. I also bought this crazy bundle of 10 1 year magazine subscriptions that I tried really hard to read through on top of my weekly book. So this year, my goal is to read 30 books, which is four more than last time. Even though its late january as I start this, I think without the magazines monopolizing my reading time, I will be able to read this many books.
30 books, mostly nature.

1. [1-19-17] Chakras for Beginners

2. [4-30-17] The Artists Way

3. [5-15-17] Bringing Up Bebe

4. [5-31-17] The Herbal Apothecary

5. [6-15-17] Its All In The Cards

6. [8-31-17] The Anatomy of the Spirit

So far only half a dozen books read this year but we bought a house which basically became my full time job from March through June. Then the kids were home for summer and i did a bunch of art stuff. Now the kids are back at school. Im currently working my way through Walking in this World, which is pretty hefty in that it takes 12 weeks. I also have two herb books in que which also take a lot of time as they are more study rather than read through. But there are still four months left of the year, plenty of time to get at least a fair amount of reading done.

7. Spirit Woman

8. Peaches for Monsuier la Cure

9. The Alchemist

10. Walking in this World

11. The Undomestic Goddess

Ive also skimmed a fair amount of books, and started a handful that I never finished, but I don’t count those. And I’m pretty sure I’ce read one or two more that I can’t remember. So I guess I am at one book per month this year. Which is okay. I mean, I had a new baby, moved twice, bought a house, traveled to Colorado and the Bahamas, all in one year.