Reading List 2017

This year’s reading list focuses on a theme: Nature! It can be a book about 🐦 or a cookbook featuring 🍅, but the goal is to focus on reading books with a natural focus of some kind. Its okay if some books don’t fit the theme here and there, reading is for fun after all!

Last year I read 26 books. Not bad considering I also had a baby near halloween and didn’t read the last quarter of the year. I also bought this crazy bundle of 10 1 year magazine subscriptions that I tried really hard to read through on top of my weekly book. So this year, my goal is to read 30 books, which is four more than last time. Even though its late january as I start this, I think without the magazines monopolizing my reading time, I will be able to read this many books.

30 books, mostly nature.

1. [1-19-17] Chakras for Beginners