Growing Zone

This year, I really want to grow out of my comfort zone by trying new things and going new places. This page serves as a list that tracks my adventures in “The Growth Zone.”

1. Initiated a conversation with a stranger.
2. Tried a Margherita pizza.
3. Stayed out til 6am one night.
4. Went on a cruise. Got land sick but totally worth it.
5. Tried Jerk Chicken.
6. Got one of those mall massages.
7. Downloaded a pedometer app.
8. Soaked in a luxurious bubble bath until my skin got pruny.
9. Made plans for the weekend, weather ruined them, spontaneously went to the mall instead and had a great time.
10. Went sight seeing in the rain.
11. Ate a frog. A metaphorical one, not a real one, gross!
12. Accepted a new mantra: It’s not perfect, but it’s progess.
13. Finally jumped on the “Clean it with vinegar” bandwagon. And I’m never getting off.
14. Tried a natural alternative treatment on a skin condition.
15. Took a different route home. So. Many. Potholes.
16. Checked out a Farmer’s Market.
17. Tried ugly tomatoes. Think they are actually rather beautiful. And delicious.
18. Tried Shrimp Pad Thai and Shiitake soup.
19. Tried making cheese wantons at home. And failed.
20. Let go of my phone for most of a weekend. Hung out with my family and read a book instead.
21. Downloaded the MyFitnessPal app.
22. Had one of those outfit-that-matches-stretch-on-the-treadmill-because-I’m-about-to-kill-it ladies park on the treadmill next to me. Thought of moving to a different machine but pushed myself instead. Wound up jogging 30 m nonstop, my version of killing it. Surprised myself and left feeling pumped. Thanks for the workout lady!
23. Challenged myself by myself on the treadmill and reached 5 miles!
24. Tried a Chile Relleno. Maybe my mom needs to make it for me but I was not super impressed with one that I ordered at a restaurant and wound up swiping a bunch of fries off of the kids’ plates…
25. Spontaneously pulled into a drive thru gourmet coffee place and tried it out. Good mocha.
26. Challenged my one book a week quota and fit 6 books into two weeks. Took almost a month to undo the kids’ mess when I resurfaced. Would’ve been worth it if The Goldfinch had been better…
27. Braved multiple outings with all three kids solo during spring break. Had a blast.
28. Took an unscheduled Me Day after braving multiple solo outings with all three kids. Bed-bound movie binge and chinese take out. Husband not impressed with lack of housework nor lack of dinner. Worth it.
29. Invested in some e-courses that I’d been eyeing.
30. Checked out a new beach solo-ish.
31. Went to the Naples Botanical Garden.
32. Dragged my husband to a movie of my choice at the theater.
33. Tried the Cococnut Lemon Sour, Fried Green Beans and Tofu Curry at PF Chang’s. I always worry that the kids won’t be able to try my leftovers and wind up ordering something disappointing. Not this time. And it was so liberating and delicious.
34. Enjoyed a show at the dinner theatre.
35. Checked out a local Writer’s Group.
36. Hunted for treasures at a new-to-me used bookstore.