50 things that make me happy list

I was nominated to make a Makes Me Happy List the other day, so of course I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I love making lists in general, but this was the best list ever because it really cheered me up. And once I got going I came up with even more than the 50 things. That was a pleasant surprise and I will be looking over this list anytime I start to feel down, so thank you Bonnie, for nominating me.

In random order

1. Chocolate
2. My son learning to talk
3. My twins reading to me
4. My husband’s hugs, his jokes, his eyes… ok i’ll leave it there
5. Catching up on my favorite blogs
6. Cracking open a coke in a can
7. Date night
8. Browsing magazines
9. Library visits
10. Writing with colorful pens
11. Baked Salmon
12. Eating with chopsticks
13. Thin crust pizza
14. Hunting for books at Goodwill
15. Scrounging great finds at yard sales
16. Sunsets
17. Shooting stars
18. Moscato in my fancy wine glass
19. Texts from my bestie
20. Movie night with the kids
21. Reading HP while I play HP movies in the background
22. Wearing headphones while I wash the dishes
23. Clean floors
24. Checking boxes off my list
25. Bright nail polish
26. Silly rhymes and word puns
27. Swinging on the swings
28. Wearing dresses
29. A book I haven’t read yet
30. Rereading a favorite book
31. Ballet flats
32. Hanging out with my mom
33. Surprises
34. Making collages
35. Making up stories
36. Petrichor
37. Backyard grilling
38. Sparklers
39. Learning new things
40. Snapping pretty pictures
41. Catching a sample at the grocery store
42. Smelling flowers
43. Buying myself flowers
44. Picking out a new journal
45. The smell of books
45. Snuggling in my bed
47. Listening to a rainstorm (without having to venture into it)
48. Mocha creamer in my coffee
49. Tacos and salsa
50. Summer weather

So fun! Who else wants to play? I’d love to read a list by:

Jenny from Blots and Plots
Kristan from Kristan Hoffman

Ten Things To Learn By Thirty

I just had my 30th birthday and like a lot of people, I was rather meloncholy about the whole thing. I obsessed over the unchecked boxes on my bucket list, the wrinkles in my brow and other silly things. Then an off-key Happy Birthday
Song from two 6 year-olds reminded me that I’m lucky after all.

Here are 10 more lessons I learned in the last decade.

Ten Things To Learn By Thirty

1. Happiness is as fleeting as the sunset, so bask in the light of the golden hour.
But when happiness gone, just remember, that like the sunset, it will be back again tomorrow.

2. Villians and heros are not static.
At any and every given moment each of us is playing both hero and villian to different people in our lives.

3. Family is where you make it and what you make of it.

4. We really are alone but take heart knowing that we are alone together.

5. You hurt as hard as you love.

6. But at least love is abundant.

7. You will never know what time is left of your life but you can always make the best of the time in your life.

8. You have a destiny that is as much willfully powered as it is propelled by fate.

9. You are the hero of your own story.

10. You have a great story, and it’s probably as crazy as it is true.

What did you learn from your twenties? Share in the comments!


celebrate yourself, pamper yourself

20 Little Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

Birthdays are when all the people in your life make you feel special. They might bring you gifts, sing you a song and wish you well on facebook. But sometimes its nice to take a little time for you, and if you are a mom like me, chances are that time is rare! So stop feeling guilty! (Or just buy the kids those gummy bears when you’re ringing up your new outfit. Even trade.)

Here is a list of the little things you can do on your birthday (or any day) to make yourself feel extra special.

Twenty Small Ways To Celebrate Yourself On Your Birthday

1. Get yourself flowers.

2. Read a magazine.

3. Paint your nails.

4. Spend time with your favorite people.

5. Get all dressed up.

6. Drink coffee in silence.

7. Go shopping.


8. Write for no reason.

9. Be grateful.

10. Buy balloons.

11. Take pictures.

12. Smile.

13. Laugh. Laugh A Lot.

14. Act like a kid.

15. Do something spontaneous.

16. Eat your favorite foods.

17. Be surprised.

18. Light sparklers.

19. Get a massage.

20. Drink a celebratory glass.

21.Toast to yourself.

In what little ways do you like to celebrate yourself?