Welcome, welcome!!

This is LearnHer, a writer’s lifestyle blog where adventure, writing, and creativity mix together with bits of my life.

Hi. I’m Celeste.



I am an aspiring children’s adventure author. I’ve written one picture book and am currently working on a series for middle grades.

My mom owns a party store that offers event rentals and services so my main gig consists of glue guns and glitter at the moment. I enjoy being part of the most memorable moments in people’s lives, its great fodder for stories!

I’m so glad you could stop in! If this was my house, I’d offer you a soda and convince you to stay for some tacos.

Then I might tell you a story. A story like this one to make you laugh, or this one to read to your kids.

And even though we can’t top off the night with some ‘Jitas and ‘Ritas, we can still totally be friends. Let’s get to know each other!

A  few fun facts about me.

I live in Florida.


I’m obsessed with notebooks.


I make collages.


I don’t like cake.


July is my favorite month.


I like having fun.



And going on adventures

Interior Garden at ECHO in North Fort Myers, FL


Machine Shop at Koreshan Historic Park in Estero, FL
At the Junk Yard
View from Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, FL

But mostly, I like books. Reading them, writing them, and yes, occasionally, smelling them.

Stack of books

Now I want to know about you. Do you take salsa on your tacos? Where do you stand on the Pepsi vs Coke debate? If you got to live in a book, would it be an adventure, a romance, or a thriller? Drop an old-fashioned email to learnher @ gmail. I want to hear from you!


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