How to Wrap a Gift in the Car

My husband cranes his neck around the huge box balanced in my lap.
“Babe, I can’t see my mirror.”

“Hang on.” I’m intent on unrolling the gift wrap around the box without creasing it, slightly car sick from concentrating so hard.

The GPS lady reminds me that our destination is coming up in 700 feet as I cut a jagged edge on the gift wrap. I cringe, but there’s no time to fix it.

“Urgh- Why’d you have to get the Diaper Genie?”

He glances over at me.
“There’s no way you’ll make it. You want me to park in the back?”

I ignore him and pull out these sticky dots I’d bought on impulse.

I dab a few in a line and before you know it I had a wrapped gift!

“Hey, it’s not bad!” He says as he tucks the gift and its lopsided bow under one arm. I catch his free hand as we walk towards the door.

“Yeah, not bad, those little sticky dots were a life saver. And there’s no damage to the box in case she needs to return it.”

“Why would she return my gift?”

“I’m just saying. Sometimes people get two of the same gift.”

But, of course, nobody else got the Genie (which he smugly pointed out on the way back to the car).

Here are my tips for wrapping a gift in the car.

  1. Start as soon as possible.
  2. Consider parking in the back and wrapping the gift on the seat like you would change a baby’s diaper in a pinch.
  3. Buy the sticky dots!
  4. Spend extra on the gift wrap with the grid pattern on the back.
  5. Buy a gift that actually fits in a gift bag and totally save yourself the trouble.
  6. Strategically place the bow over the spot you missed when you cut the paper too short.
  7. And place your gift at the back/ bottom of the gift pile for good measure.

Happy Wrapping!

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