In which I sample my way out of a funk aka A trip to a farmer’s market

Today I was feeling some kinda way. Like I was just one dark day away from depressed. So instead of sitting inside my dark cave of a duplex (the surest way to a downward spiral), I bundled up and headed out.

We drove to a local farmer’s market, taking the scenic route (which is a nice way of saying I was deep in my thoughts and totally missed a turn). Despite that, the little one and I had a great time checking out the local vendors and sampling all the things.

Garlic knot? Sure. Honeybell orange? Absolutely. Gluten and nut free granola? Why not. Chicken and stuffing casserole? Mhmm.

We came away with the cutest little honey bears, the most beautiful “ugly” tomatoes, a chunk of the creamiest havarti cheese ever, and of course, half a dozen cookies the size of my face.

I promptly came home to make a simple tomato salad for lunch.


Later the girls came home and had havarti and honey sandwiches followed by half a cookie each (did I mention they are the size of my face?).

And even later I’m sure my husband will come home and eat all the rest of the cookies.

A that’s how today turned around for the better.

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