A Poem A Day

Write a poem a day
To light up my mind
With puns and wordplay
With the pleasure of rhyme
Put a smile on my face
With each new line

Like a puzzle of logic
See how pieces fit
Move them around
Til I like the sound of it

Til it ebbs and flows
Off the tongue
it rolls

Til it touches my soul
Hits a chord
Takes its toll

Til it improves my mood
And brings a new attitude

One Year Blogiversary! The Poem


Blow out the candles
Make a wish
Cheer and smile
At what’s been accomplished!

It’s been a year
Since my first post
I’ve learned so much
Let’s give a toast!

From funny stories
To heartfelt poems
From frustrated writer
To working from home

So much I’ve learned
So much I’ve grown
The new friends I’ve made
Help me not feel alone

Thanks for sharing
This journey with me
Thanks for caring
And coming to see

You’ve made this awesome
You’ve made this great
Now let’s turn one year
Into eight!

Happy Blogiversary, everyone!