Top Ten Animated Adventure Movies

Yesterday I mentioned how much I love animated adventure films and I thought it would be great to share my Top Ten List of Animated Adventure Movies for Kids and the Kid-At-Heart.

These movies revolve around a hero’s quest, have rich fantasy backgrounds, and well-developed worlds. Most also have a killer soundtrack and plenty of humor, which are key to a movie’s replay ability. And if you are going to invest in a movie, it’s gotta be one that will live in the DVD player instead of gathering dust in a drawer.

Top Ten List of Animated Adventure Movies for Kids and the Kid-At-Heart

The Lego Movie
Oh, Lego Movie. This was my favorite for a long time before The Book of Life usurped it. It has the best quotable lines (“Cover your butts.” “Cover the what?” Boom!) The awesomest soundtrack, and a really creative hero story. So good for boys, girls and grown ups. A great family movie.

The Book of Life


I talked about why I love this movie in this post. It is so good that I had it on for my son the other night and as my husband passed by on the way out of the kitchen he got sucked in and wound up watching the whole thing. That man Does. Not. Watch. Movies. If that’s not a recommendation, I don’t know what is.


Finding Nemo
Classic adventure, memorable characters, so cute and so fun. You will never forget Dory and Marlin will grow on you so much you’ll forgive his terrible joke skills.

Creative, creative, creative. We have a lot of race car fans in my house (especially since builing them is my husband’s hobby) so this one was an instant winner around here. My favorite part is when Guido does a solo pit stop.

Does this movie even need a review? Exactly.

A fun twist on the mermaid on land tale. My daughters replayed this movie until the disc wouldn’t play anymore. Then we bought another copy.

Another movie with lots of awesome music. It’s funny, it has a love story but beware – your kid might suddenly bust out some samba moves when you least expect it aka when it’s least appropriate.

The robot character is so expressive without saying anything at all. No one talks for the first thirty minutes of this film, and neither will your kid.  My daughter used to beg me to save those plastic Easter eggs and she’d nestle the bottom into the top at an angle and call it Eva. Then she and her sister would act out parts of this movie for many (quiet) hours. Any movie that jumps off the screen and into their fantasy play is a keeper.


Curious George
The bright colors and again, good music, make this one great for the younger crowd. Will Farell and Drew Barrymore keep the adults watching too.

Meet the Robinsons
This movie has great vision and one of my favorite messages “Keep moving forward.” The enthusiasm the creators have for this concept shows through in the story. Family fun, science and imagination all rolled into one.

So that’s my Top Ten List. What movie would you add? List them in the comments, I’m always looking for a new favorite.


A Fine Line

A fine line
A tug of war
Dont grow up

Two little girls
Might look the same
But inside
Its night and day

One eats salmon
The other, meat

One independent
One aims to please

One likes dresses
The other, jeans

One likes to draw
One likes to read

A fine line
A tug of war
Dont grow up

Keep you little
Keep you safe
Let you grow
Let you go

I pull
You pull
But however hard I try
Time will pull you from my side

You will grow up
And pass that line
But can I keep you
Just a little more time?

The Parenting Line

I buy an animated film or two every week “for the kids” and The Book Of Life is my latest favorite movie. I am a big animated adventure fan and this one has it all: a hero’s quest, a rich fantasy background, a well-developed world, lots of great music, and it’s sooooo funny. It also has a deep cultural vein that takes me back to my Mexican-American childhood. I highly recommend it, obviously.

As I watch it, I get these mixed emotions as my inner-child and my mom heart intersect. I relate so strongly to the Hero’s quest and how Manolo struggles against his family’s wishes in order to follow his heart. But as a parent, I also understand Manolo’s papa. He just wants the best for Manolo, and he sees the Sanchez family legacy as something to be proud of.

Similarly, my little girls don’t always see eye to eye with me. They just wanna grow up and I just wanna keep them here. I wonder where the line is between enforcing what is best and letting them follow their hearts.


Something I’ve learned in my thirty years is that at any and every given moment each of us is playing both hero and villian to different people in our lives. 

I see how I am both an obstacle and a mentor in their story. And I’m mostly okay with it. But that’s probably because they are only 7 and I still have time. Ask me again at 17…