Mom’s Top 5 Wist List

As much as we love our kids and want them to stay little forever, there are certain things I miss in this phase of my life. Every parent has their list of things that they wist for. Here is mine.

This Mom’s Wist List

1.Wine instead of whine with my dinner.
2. Dinner that is spicy, herby or flavored with something more sophisticated than cheese.
3. Pants without a stretchy waistline.
4. A body without a stretchy waistline.
5. Staying out and sleeping in.

What’s on your wist list?

4 thoughts on “Mom’s Top 5 Wist List

    • Oh sleep, I remember that luxury. I heard that by the time you can sleep again, you’re already used to less. Here’s hoping that’s not true. Thanks for commenting.


  1. My list mostly includes big-kid outdoor activities like long hikes, serious mountain bike trips, backpacking, etc. But I only have to wait a few more years, and those should be happening again
    …with the many traveling companions we made ourselves. 🙂


    • I like your thinking, Tad. My twins love to help me in the kitchen so I’m hoping we will have more sohisticated meals together, maybe they’ll even cook them- hey I can dream, right? Thanks for commenting.

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