The Parenting Line

I buy an animated film or two every week “for the kids” and The Book Of Life is my latest favorite movie. I am a big animated adventure fan and this one has it all: a hero’s quest, a rich fantasy background, a well-developed world, lots of great music, and it’s sooooo funny. It also has a deep cultural vein that takes me back to my Mexican-American childhood. I highly recommend it, obviously.

As I watch it, I get these mixed emotions as my inner-child and my mom heart intersect. I relate so strongly to the Hero’s quest and how Manolo struggles against his family’s wishes in order to follow his heart. But as a parent, I also understand Manolo’s papa. He just wants the best for Manolo, and he sees the Sanchez family legacy as something to be proud of.

Similarly, my little girls don’t always see eye to eye with me. They just wanna grow up and I just wanna keep them here. I wonder where the line is between enforcing what is best and letting them follow their hearts.


Something I’ve learned in my thirty years is that at any and every given moment each of us is playing both hero and villian to different people in our lives. 

I see how I am both an obstacle and a mentor in their story. And I’m mostly okay with it. But that’s probably because they are only 7 and I still have time. Ask me again at 17…



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