Why I Write, Why I Rhyme

Fish flutter fins
Legs stretch under a blanket
The peace feels like a win
After a day filled with racket

As she taps
Words dance on the page
Delightful yet mindful
Of the silence she craves

No yelling or fighting
Or empty threats
Just a love of words
With no regrets

They fill her heart
As they fill the page
They ease her pain
They make her sage

They give her reason
They give her hope
They keep her from sliding
Down the slope

Prevent her from drowning
In her doubts
Stop her from having
One of those bouts

The kind that make it all
Seem too hard
That make leaving the bed
Seem too far

So that’s why she writes
That’s why she rhymes
Because it’s her respite
And it quiets her mind


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