When it come to your writing, does structure hype you up or box you in?

Recently I signed up for Poetry 201 here on WordPress. The assignments have three components and you can use them all or pick and choose. You can interpret them as literally or loosely as you’d like, the point is to get you writing.

Sometimes writing without any limits can be daunting. The possibilities are infinite which can make it too hard for me to choose something. The little bit of structure that three terms provide is just enough to send my creativity soaring while keeping it tethered to the ground.

In fact, I’ve noticed that having three key ideas to work with when I set my writing timer makes me the most productive. I generally choose a scene, a word and a person or a location, so this set up is right up my alley.

For the first assignment, we were challenged to write a Haiku while incorporating the word screen and using alliteration.

Here’s mine:

This one tiny screen
Glaring while I am staring
Preventing my dreams

The second assignment consisted of the word gift, an acrostic poem and a similie. Bonus if you try a double acrostic, which is what I did. The first letter of each line spells out my name, the last word of each line composes a related sentence.

Here’s that one:

Center of the family
Essential as the sun is
Loving, giving what’s important
Except to the one that runs it but
Soon will burn and learn that I
Too must rebuild what I am
Enjoy my life again, give to myself, too

Poetry 201 has been a great way to challenge myself and have fun with wordplay. There are a few other courses opening up at Blogging University that I may sign up for after I finish with this one.

How about you? How do you work your creative muscles? Does structure hype you up or box you in? What about using a timer? Do you feel it makes you more productive or just plain pressured?


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