Eight Reasons To Love Sandwiches and Eight Sandwiches To Love

Hello, Lover!
Hello, Lover! Lobster Roll

The Earl of Sandwich was a genius. Yeah, he totally had a gambling problem, but he was on to something when he had his wife stuff his dinner between two pieces of bread.

I am all about sandwiches. I may not have a greasy card problem, but I agree that the sandwich is close to a perfect food. (The perfect food being tacos, obviously.) And when it comes to writing, there’s nothing like a good ole list. Oh,yeah!

Eight Reasons To Love Sandwiches and Eight Sandwiches To Love

Warning! This list contains amazing sandwiches. Drooling, sandwich lust and mild hunger may occur. Scroll at your own risk!

8. They keep your hands clean.
This was the reason The Sandwich was invented. It keeps hands clean for continued card shuffling and keyboard clacking.

Portable Breakfast
Baked Egg Boats

Bake up this bombalicious breakfast boat.

7. They are pretty much a writer’s dream food.
During long writing hauls, I tend to eat simple sandwiches or leftovers. I love being inventive in the kitchen, but I’ve learned to save my creativity when I’m writing a lot. Sandwiches help me keep my momentum and save my creativity for the keyboard.

Sandwich ingredient graphic guide
Let this chart be creative for you!

Let this great graphic be your lunchtime muse!

6. They make great adventure food.
As portable as sandwiches are, I’m not surprised that they are such a common travel food. In fact, sandwiches have been on the menu at picnics, field trips, beach days, and basically any cool adventure I’ve ever been on.

Pressed Picnic Sandwiches
Picnic Pals!

Impress your pals with these pressed picnic sandwiches!

5. They offer something for everyone.
Every mom’s lunchtime lifesaver, sandwiches can be customized for picky little eaters without turning mom into a short order chef.

classic grilled cheese
everyone’s favorite!

Try this classic grilled cheese sandwich. You just can’t lose.

4. They can be hot or cold. (like a Katy Perry song)
A sandwich can be quick and cold or hot and heavy.

Hot Ham Hawiian Heaven
Hot Ham Hawaiian Heaven

If you haven’t tried these Hot Ham and Cheese Sliders using Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, climb out from under the rock you are apparently living under and make them tonight. No seriously, your family will love you for making them and hate you for not making them sooner.

3. They can be made ahead.
Sandwiches can be made ahead or ingredients can be prepped ahead for easy assembly later. This makes sandwiches a great choice for business meetings and parties.

Although not for weddings apparently. I mentioned wanting to offer mini sandwiches as an app at my wedding and my friend gasped and informed me that in Chinese tradition, it is considered bad luck to serve sandwiches at a wedding. Has anyone else heard of this? (*this is where my kid would say, “Ask Mr. Google, mommy.”) Anyway, he insisted this was true and offered to bring a platter of sushi to my wedding instead. Who am I to argue with tradition (or free sushi)?

prep ahead breakfast
Love mornings again!

Make these sammies ahead of time and love mornings again (or for the first time)!

2. They can be a meal in one hand.
With veggies and meat a sandwich becomes a meal complete. Ha, ha. But seriously, they are perfect for packing in school and work lunches, no extra utensils to carry around all afternoon.

Banh Mi
Me love Banh Mi long time!

If I didn’t love tacos so much I’d swear the milkman was Vietnamese because Pho and Banh Mi are my jam!

Check this one out!

1. Simple to scandalous.
And why limit to two slices? If I’ve learned anything from the layers of a classic club and Garfield’s towering midnight snacks it’s that a sandwich can be as much as your toothpicks can handle.

Goliath Club
Unhinge your jaw for this one!

An entire list of fillings to fill your sandwich menu. (What, you don’t read in Spanish? Ask Mr. Google, I’m sure he’ll translate it for you.)

Well, there you go, if you’re drooling on your keyboard I totally warned you, and if you’re not, well, what’s wrong with you?

What? You want more? Haven’t you been tortured enough? No? Ok, then look through my sandwich board on Pinterest for more inspiration. Don’t forget to follow me!

Your turn! How is a sandwich The Earl of Your World? Share your sandwich love in the comments! Recipes are welcome with an open mind and an empty stomach 😉 I’m off to the kitchen (don’t judge me!)

Ten Things To Learn By Thirty

I just had my 30th birthday and like a lot of people, I was rather meloncholy about the whole thing. I obsessed over the unchecked boxes on my bucket list, the wrinkles in my brow and other silly things. Then an off-key Happy Birthday
Song from two 6 year-olds reminded me that I’m lucky after all.

Here are 10 more lessons I learned in the last decade.

Ten Things To Learn By Thirty

1. Happiness is as fleeting as the sunset, so bask in the light of the golden hour.
But when happiness gone, just remember, that like the sunset, it will be back again tomorrow.

2. Villians and heros are not static.
At any and every given moment each of us is playing both hero and villian to different people in our lives.

3. Family is where you make it and what you make of it.

4. We really are alone but take heart knowing that we are alone together.

5. You hurt as hard as you love.

6. But at least love is abundant.

7. You will never know what time is left of your life but you can always make the best of the time in your life.

8. You have a destiny that is as much willfully powered as it is propelled by fate.

9. You are the hero of your own story.

10. You have a great story, and it’s probably as crazy as it is true.

What did you learn from your twenties? Share in the comments!


Fallows and Fires

Hey guys! Celeste, here.
I’ve been working really hard on making a real copy of Sailing Le Cirque…. by completely ignoring it.

I used to berate myself for going through these periods, but now I understand that this is part of my process. It’s like leaving a plot fallow for one season. Do it, and the next season is bountiful. Skip it, and watch the harvest deteriorate.

The other reason I’m leaving it alone is because I’m on fire with another project, the series that I outlined months ago. I’ve even written the first page. The first page guys!

This is a big deal for me. I know every writer works differently, but for me, it goes something like this:


Character building



More character builiding

Dabble in scenes at my whim

Ignore it

More research

More dabbling

First page!

Obsession to the end

So you see why I’m so excited. But don’t worry about SLC, it’s more of a craft project at this point, so it will get air time when I need a mental break from my wordy world.
Plus, I read it to aloud to my daughter on Saturday (reading aloud is the ultimate test for editing) and it felt long and laggy in some spots. She loved the snack man, so I’m glad I added it back in, but some other lines might will have to go.
Since the pages will be handmade, I’m not trying to make unnecessary pages so I will be deciding what lines can go based on two criteria.

1. Does it interfere with the pace of the story? Will it bore or lose a group of children during storytime? It goes.

2. Will it be hard for me create the illustration for this line? Will the materials for this illustration be too expensive, bulky or complicated? This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.
It will go back to the drawing board first. Can I work with a different material? Can I interpret the scene in a different way? Or can it join another line that’s already illustrated? If it still refuses to cooperate, then sorry, buddy, we tried.
When I make more progress on either book, I will be back with another post.

For now, I recommend indulging in a snack platter and The Goonies, pronto.

This was all my daughter’s idea.

“Mommy would you like to join us for The Goonies? Not because it’s spooky.”

“Oh yeah? That sounds good.” I go into the kitchen thinking of bringing a snack and she says, “And I was thinking that mushroom cheese with crackers?”

Kid has mind-fi. Or she’s my clone.
Probably both.