Sailing Le Cirque Tweaks and Progress

Hey guys! I might have thought I was done writing about and working on Le Cirque, but boy was I wrong. Not only am I in the process of making a real hold-it-and-flip-its-pages book, but apparently I am also writing a follow up. Oh yes, the other night the beginnings of Le Cirque Part Duex came to me. But it came at the most inopportune time, let me tell you…

He’s part of a team, he’s part of a crew

It feels like family, like a dream come true…

Ooh, I think to myself, there’s that line again. ‘Feels like family’ that’s good, that wasn’t there last time.

I reach for my notebook to make sure I catch it before it slips away again. This movement interrupts my husband’s monologue.

“…so you can do it, but if you get the wires wrong, it will never work aga- what’re you doing?” He asks as I flip the notebook open.

“I should’ve known!” He throws his hands up.

“No, wait! I was listening!”

But he’s already stalked out of the room.

This writing thing, it can be a curse ya’ll.

Sketch of a boat
Sailing Le Cirque homage sketch of a boat

Here’s an update on Sailing Le Cirque.

Tweaks To The Text

I changed a couple of words in one rhyme after I noticed that they didn’t work anymore.

I added an exclamation point. Le Cirque has eight exclamation points, which is rather a lot, but they are only in instances where people are shouting things, I swear. But it’s a circus, so you know, lots of people are shouting things.

Progress On The Book

If an art journal and a picture book had a baby, it would be this book. That’s really the best way to describe it. I’m not that great at drawing or painting or graphic designing so none of those are an option to make this book into a reality. I am pretty obsessed with collages though, so I am going to stick to what I know.

As I mentioned before, I’ve come up with a plan and even tested out a few ideas by making an art journal.


I also found a binder and paper to serve as the base for this project in the back of my closet. Score!

I will share more in a future post, but for now I can tell you that I completed the concept for the cover and even brainstormed a few of the simpler pages. I am a little intimidated to portray figures like the the Snack Vendor or Mario, but I have a few tricks to get around it. I’m sure once I get going it will all start coming together,

I’ll keep you updated!

What about you? How do you work on your writing projects? Does anyone else like blending creative projects with their writing or is that just me waving my freak flag?


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