Making an Art Journal

Hey guys. I’m still working my way through Stir, and I’m excited to finish it. I also worked on Sailing Le Cirque.  The writing portion of this project is complete, but I’d like to make a physical book that I can share with my kids. I have some ideas of how I can put something like this together,  but I want to work out the kinks before I go through with it.

A good way to test these ideas and get practice is to make an art journal. I found a great tutorial and used it as a jumping off point to make a journal of my own. They take rather a lot of time and patience, but I think it’s well worth the effort, because you get to be creative when you make it and when you fill the pages.

Here are some pictures of mine so far.


This is the front cover. I used coordinating scrapbook paper, two kinds of ribbon and some adhesive strips of rhinestones. I love the way the triangle came out on the bottom half. I added it impulsively after cutting the bottom corner of the blue paper too short.


This is the inner front cover. I cut the paper too short again, this time along the left edge. I added some ribbon to cover my mistake, but it still looks obvious to me.


Here’s the back cover. I used more matching paper and kept the design simple. By simple, I mean I happend to cut this page to the right size.


And the inner back cover. For this I used a fun surfboard print. It wasn’t part of the floral paper set, but its beachy enough and the darker colors tie in the black ribbon trimming the spine. Again, I cut the page too small, but this time I colored in the empty space with a sharpie. Also, the pattern might be upside down.

Even though I made a few mistakes, I am pleased with how it came out. Plus, making mistakes was the point, so I can learn from them and hopefully not make them on my book later.

I’m not sure what I will do with this one exactly, but I will be sure to share more as I go along.


7 thoughts on “Making an Art Journal

    • Thanks, janika. Yes, it does take time but it was a lot of fun too. And there’s nothing wrong with getting a ready made one, so many beautiful options. Thanks for commenting.


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