How To Make A Spring Easter Wreath: Wonky Edition

Happy Spring!!


So I work really hard on a wreath one afternoon last week, hoping for a real showstopper.

Afterwards, when I pick up the kids, it sure does stop them.

“I made a wreath today.”

They pause mid-step as their eyes turn towards the door.


After a beat, one of them pipes up.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“What do you mean?” I busy myself putting the key in the lock.

“There, on the side.” The other one says, pointing.

“What side, this side?”


“No, the other side.”



“Mom!” They say together.

“Okay, fine. Yes, it’s wonky.”


“Wonky? What’s that?”

“It’s weird, it’s a little off, you know- it’s wonky.”

“What happened to it?”

“I stepped on it.”

“You stepped on the wall?!”

I try to keep a straight face as I realize they are picturing me pull a Spiderman on the front door.

“No, not on the wall.”

“Oh. Well… it’s beautiful anyway.” One says.

The other one reaches up and pats my elbow.

How To Make An Easter Wreath: Wonky Edition



-<a href=”Ribbon
-Three hand-crafted flowers
-safety pins
-glue gun & glue sticks
-Small stuffed bunny
-Floral wire
-Wreath form
-Carelessly placed foot


-Measure your fabric on the wreath form and cut it to size.

-Step on your wreath form as you gather other materials.

-Mutter curses and epithets under your breath as you attempt to fix the break with glue and tape.

-Wrap the fabric around your wreath form, careful to fold and cover any raw edges. Pin and/or glue in place.

-Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, failing to space it evenly no matter how hard you try. Tuck the end of the ribbon under on itself and add a dab of glue to secure it.

-Secure your flowers and bunny in place.

-As a last and crucial step, attempt to hang the wreath on your front door and watch as it comes apart on one side.



In all seriousness though, it can be easy to get frustrated or to down ourselved when we learning something new. But a sense of humor is essential in order to move forward in the growing process; it makes the hard parts bearable and good parts awesome. So don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, because you never know, the story might be better than the stupid wreath!

Okay, as much as I love to figuratively listen to myself talk, this is not a one-sided conversation. Your two cents in the comments please (come on its the only coin I’m making right now)!

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