Drafting and Drawing

Happy Saturday!

Are you enjoying your weekend? I just finished reading Inkspell. I’m looking forward to finishing the series but I picked these up at a second hand book shop and she didn’t have the third one. And of course, the second one ended on a cliffhanger!

So I promised I’d share a little sketch I made as part of my- I guess we can call it prewriting- process.

I preface this with a disclaimer: I’m not an illustrator. I just drew up a little sketch to help me visualize.


Little story:

I was sitting at my desk working on a different project and as I cast around in my mind for an idea, my eyes cast around the room and landed on a puzzle I had jammed into the bookcase. Something about the image on the side caught my eye.

I pulled the box off the shelf to get a closer look at the picture on it.


This! I thought to myself as I rubbed my hand over the surface. Something like this.

And I pulled open my special notebook.

“This” is Noah’s Ark by Chris Thompson. And it just had a close feel for what I was imaging. What I picture is simpler still, with softer edges, like the boat featured in The Going To Bed Book. Ooh and check out this link for an app version of that best selling book!

Let me digress to just say that not only do I love this book (and my twins loved this book) but I am super excited to see a book as an app! I have an idea for an app for the series that I am working on that kids would love. With pottermore and now apps like this opening doors, this dream of mine could become a reality!

But back to the puzzle. I especially liked shape of the boat, (but again, softer) the flags, and the one patchwork sail. I also really appreciate this artist’s imagination. There are two other puzzles in the box that are just as spectacular.

So I used this image as a bit of a model. I even edited the poem several times, first to add the patchwork sails, then I decided they were too busy and I cut that line out again.

Instead of the patchwork sails I think something similar to a coloful circus tent would be best. But like I said, I’m not an illustrator, and that little drawing took me a long time. The idea of creating another with my new specifications felt daunting at the time.

Now that I know I’m done with Le Cirque, I might do another one if the mood strikes me. I bought a sketchpad and I’ve been practicing a little in the evening.

So that’s the sketch. The next post will be about editing Sailing Le Cirque. Then after that, I will post the final piece.

Well I’m off to sit in a wading pool and drink spiked lemonade while my kids splash grassy water in my face. #liveitup

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