Oscillating, Procrastinating and Deep Breaths

Hey! I’m back. It’s been an emotional roller coaster this weekend. The computer did this weird crashing thing and I spent Saturday and part of Sunday oscillating between being stressed and thinking positive.

We were going to take the computer over to a friend’s to get it checked but my husband opened it up, did a little research on his phone, tinkered a bit, took a quick trip to the store and had it up and running in less than an hour.

Then he got super annoyed that even after all that work he still couldn’t make music because the baby had thrown the ball from the mouse again.

Sigh, poor guy. We totally need a different mouse.

So last week I posted about sharing my adventure as I write my books. This means I will share about my progress, my process, my failures, my frustrations, my successes and all the lessons I learn along the way.

A big part of writing is the non-writing, the periods I spend doing other things like reading, drawing, crafting or even washing dishes. This is when I work out kinks or what’s next in a story, and when I really grow in my writing by making random connections into fresh ideas.

So in between progress reports on my novels, I may share a sketch, a recipe, a quote, a picture or anything else that inspires me that I think will inspire you too.

Okay, okay, I’ve procrastinated long enough.

(*Deep breath*)

So my first project is called Sailing Le Cirque and it is a children’s book. (Le Cirque isn’t actually my first project but that is a story for another post.) The story for writing this book is pretty interesting. At least, if you’re writer.

I was chillin with my husband watching the first season of Game of Thrones and one of the characters said she had seen a pirate’s ship “with sails of colored silk…”

I repeated this line first in my head then out loud. I liked it so much that I wrote it in my special notebook.

I remember wondering what do I see when I picture this line? And to me it wasn’t a pirate’s ship but a circus ship. Then the words seized me, I seized a pen and a poem spurted onto the pages.

You may think I was pumped, that I picked it up and ran with it, but I was engrossed in another project at the time and had little consideration for poetry. In fact, I didn’t even recognize the poem for the children’s story that it was.

So after that night, it disappeared into the pages of that notebook, not be seen again that year.

Fast forward to January.

I was working on a new project ( one that I will be sharing about here in the near future) and feeling frustrated because pieces of the story were littered everywhere- in spirals, in my special notebook, on my hard drive, on a flash drive and even a few bits in evernote. I had also reached one of those dreaded blocks and decided that transcribing everything into one place was the best way to work through it.

Strangely, I couldn’t find any material to transcribe that day. But I did stumble on the starts of two stories. One of these stories, the poem, got ahold of my mind so bad that I had to abandon my walk to get home to the computer.

It amazed me how fast the story tumbled out. Even the guilt from abandoning my other story couldn’t dissuade my obsession.

Sailing Le Cirque is currently in final edits. I will share more about it tomorrow and through this week. I am always fascinating to see how others do the work and how a book goes from a line of inspiration to a full blown story. So that’s why I’m sharing, in case anyone else finds the process as interesting as I do.

To all the behind-the-scenes nerds out there, this one’s for you.


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