That’s what the back up was for

So I announced my grand plans to no one yesterday. Ha! Thats ok, in a way I like the annonimity, especially because things happen.

Like how I didn’t plan to post again until Monday, but the mood struck me to write something up. I clicked the green button and went off while our computer whirred to life like an old man struggling to rouse from a nap.

And while I was doing who-knows-what, the baby came by, started banging randomness and opened a screen that asked me if I wanted to back up the computer.

I should have seen it as a sign but no…

Instead I clicked away from this to start a blog post only to have everything freeze two sentences in.

Now its saying something about low memory and won’t load up the desktop screen.

Everything is in there. From my books. Okay not everything, but it feels like everything.

We are taking the computer to our friend to give it a checkup but I can’t stop thinking about that moment. That moment that I could have hit start instead of cancel.


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